Infinite Potential

Infinite Potential

Have you ever found yourself in a situation whereby you are literally staring potential in the eye?  Where the possibilities are endless and the only limitations that exist are the ones that you place upon yourself? I am not quite sure how much information I am allowed to divulge at this current time so I will try by all means to stay within my boundaries and contain my excitement. However, I must state that my professional future has never looked brighter.

Now that the above has been mentioned, allow me to take you through my busiest month since joining PR Powerhouse. The month of June saw me and the team working endlessly in preparation for two events that were to take place in two separate provinces on two consecutive days, within hours from each other.

A client of ours recently celebrated 30 years of sustainability as well as 10 years of being listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). This meant that adequate coordination of tasks and endless back and forth communication would become part of our daily activities. I am pleased to say that both events took place without a glitch and on that note, I would like to wish my team a job WELL DONE!!

I found myself assisting to develop an intranet for the very same company and I must say, I’m enjoying it. Much like the passion that I have for anything Cricket SA related, I share the same drive for this intranet that we are working on as it’s something that I have been part of since its inception and to see it grow on a daily basis gives me a great deal of joy. Brick by brick, we are laying the foundation upon which all internal company interactions will take place, now tell me that’s not something to be proud of!

I also feel content with the consistency that Tshego and I have been able to uphold with regards to Cricket SA. Interviews are being secured and conducted at a steady pace. So much so that Cricket SA has offered us the official Protea jersey’s as a sign of gratitude for the work that we have put in.

As usual, there are bad days, good days and GREAT days. The trick I have learnt throughout my PRP residence, is self-motivation and maintaining a “tunnel vision” mentality. Bearing in mind that this is by far the most intense learning experience that I have ever embarked on and this is coming from a final year BTech student. I sometimes feel that the classroom can never prepare students for the hectic and extremely demanding work environment.

I came here knowing all these fancy communications and PR terms without a vivid idea of how they are practically applied and this frustrated me because I had predetermined my stance at PR Powerhouse, I was going to get here and start excelling in each and every task that was given to me but then it hit me, I am where I have to be to learn all that I can in order to be the best that I can become.

I look forward to the future at hand, I will embrace all the challenges that come my way because there is always a lesson to be learnt when faced with adversity and that is what keeps me going regardless of the circumstance.



  1. Tshepo Machethe
    July 03, 2017 18:42 Reply

    I must agree. There is Nothing as satisfying as creating. There’s a spring in your step when you know that through you and your team, you have made something of value that would not exist without you. To this I do bid you and your team great respect. Your legacy is secured.

    Vitoria é cérta.

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