What we do

PRpowerhouse Services and Practice areas

Corporate Communications
  • Corporate/CEO/brand reputation and positioning
  • corporate & financial
  • crisis/issues management
  • corporate philanthropy,
  • product liability and recalls
  • media relations,
  • stakeholder communication
Internal Communications
  • Employee perception surveys
  • Communication audits
  • Internal branding initiatives
  • Labour relations
  • Research
  • Speaker training
Technology PR
  • Product and company launches
  • Executive profiling
  • Event and trade show support
  • Media relational
  • Interactive PR (blog monitoring, online press rooms and social networking strategies)
  • Strategic counsel
Public Affairs
  • Government lobbying and campaigns
  • Political monitoring and intelligence gathering
  • Issues Management
  • Opinion research
  • Contact building
Crisis and Issues Management
  • Issues mapping and preparedness
  • Risk Assessment
  • Scenario planning
  • Crisis manual development
  • Spokesperson identification and training
  • Corporate positioning
Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability
  • NGO and stakeholder engagement
  • CSR vision and strategic road mapping
  • Profile raising
  • Green product launches
  • Public/Private Partnerships
  • Issues monitoring
  • Reputation management
  • Internal CSR tool kits
  • Community education and outreach
  • Disease awareness
  • Product positioning
  • Stakeholder mobilisation
  • Patient advocacy
  • consumer health,
  • science & nutrition
  • regulatory support
  • grassroots outreach
  • event coordination
  • media relations
  • product launches
  • effecting change in policy and guidance
  • identifying and diffusing issues


Strategic Counsel
  • Communications Strategy development
  • Assistance in creating communications architecture
  • Optimization of communication effort
  • Analysis of market and competitors’ communication’s
  • Analysis of target groups
  • Consulting of integrated media communications
  • Consulting of brand positioning and re-positioning
Media Relations
  • Contacts with journalist
  • Writing and distribution of media releases
  • Arranging interviews
  • Thought leadership
  • Features
  • Media partnerships
  • Coordination and planning of press conferences and media briefings
  • Media Monitoring
  • Press room management
Brand PR
  • Teaser Campaigns
  • Launching brand and products into the market
  • Brand positioning
  • Creative media dispatches
  • Sampling products programmes for media
Digital PR


  • In social media spaces, such as Facebook, and Twitter, PR Powerhouse creates and manage ‘sticky’ environments for clients by posting enticing content which encourages valuable conversations with the brand’s community.
  • Using our PR experience, PR Powerhouse curates content from across the web and creates new content based on the brand’s business or consumer messaging, planning reach and treating it as a micro-press announcement
  • Fan interaction and responses, including visits, likes, comments and shares are monitored against post content, timing and frequency, to ensure real-time and long-term strategies will add real value as engagement grows, sharing generates enhanced visibility and consequently brings fans and follower growth


  • Development of social media PR strategies
  • Maintaining social media accounts
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with key opinion leaders
  • Social media monitoring



Special Events Management
  • Organisation of special events from concept to implementation
  • Events include analyst briefings, roadshows, press conference, media briefings, launches, concerts, cause related/awareness walks, educational workshops
  • Themes, venues, staffing
  • Catering, deco
  • Speaker coordination and management
  • Invitations and registration of guests
  • Obtaining media and honorary patronages