Salesforce, AWS extended partnership creates opportunities to accelerate digital transformation

Cloud enterprise technology company, BlueSky, will be spearheading the rollout of revolutionary new intelligent applications that will rapidly accelerate digital transformation in South Africa.

Two of the world’s leading cloud providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Salesforce, announced a significant development in their global strategic partnership. The partnership will make it possible for large businesses to leverage off the capabilities of both platforms securely and seamlessly, harnessing an immensely powerful combination of technologies. Users will soon be able to use the integrated capabilities of both providers to quickly build and deploy new business applications that will enable them to significantly fuel their digital transformation.

Developers will be able to build custom applications that will extend and enhance the power of both platforms by connecting Salesforce data and workflows to solutions running AWS and by embedding AWS services for voice, artificial intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) directly into new Salesforce solutions.

BlueSky, provides AWS, Salesforce and Data Analytics services to leading companies throughout South Africa and will be taking the notable benefits of the new integrated solution to market here.

“The most important and immediate benefit of this development is that it will enable businesses to fully automate workflow and to maintain a single view of the customer,” says Mncedisi Mayekiso, BlueSky’s chief revenue officer. “In particular, it will give our large clients like banks, financial institutions and telecommunications companies, customer relationship management tools and capabilities that they’ve only been able to dream of to date.”

Mayekiso says that the extension of the AWS/Salesforce partnership will expand the horizon for digital transformation exponentially. This takes place at a critical time, with the pandemic having created a critical need for rapid transformation in the digital space. Although digitisation timelines have been dramatically compressed, customer expectations have skyrocketed, with every business being expected to offer a primary point of contact online and both expanded capabilities and superior levels of customer service without skipping a beat.

Executives also recognise that technology has a critical, strategic role to play in securing business sustainability and growth. It is no longer seen merely as a source of efficiencies but as a crucial necessity for remaining competitive and building both markets and market share.

By organically connecting AWS’s services with the Salesforce platform, real-time data can securely move between the two providers, allowing customers to automate workflow and maintain that all-important single view of the customer more easily.

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