Catering to a rapidly growing economy through infrastructural investment is no easy feat, thus the Fourth Industrial Revolution Incubator hub was commissioned in January. Partnering with the Department of Small Business Development and public-based SME funder Small Enterprise Development Agency the hub aims to foster business growth in multiple sectors through investment, skills building and support.

GLUEvp, Africa’s first owned virtual conferencing platform, has been inducted into the incubator with massive expansion plans on the horizon.

Let’s Get GLUEevp

Started in 2015 by Professor Richard Chinomona, GLUEvp is a fully -owned and developed African virtual platform built on home turf and intended for the world to explore and connect. While entering an already dilute-market, thanks to digital push exacerbated through the pandemic, GLUEvp proves to be a heavy hitter by offering a unique user experience with additional add-ons that make work-life easy.

While the platform does offer the stock-standard amenities including the recording of the session, sharing a screen and collaborative whiteboard, it takes it a step further and allows users the opportunity to immediately upload any documents and folders directly to the host session for all participants to download.

Further to this. The platform offers numerous breakaway rooms for further discussion, while seamlessly transitioning back into the main session when prompted. A benefit reserved for the host is the ability to jump from room to room to ensure active participation.

GLUEvp is a start-up that is supported by the Fourth Industrial Revolution Incubator, established through funding from SEDA as a response to assist and enable small businesses to participate meaningfully in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

“We’re excited to have partnered with Fourth Industrial Revolution Incubator, as after so many years of self-funded exploration and development, we now have an opportunity to further grow the capabilities and access of GLUEvp.” Says Professor Richard Chinomona, Founder of GLUEvp.

Security First

GLUEvp prioritises the safety of its users by end-to-end encrypting all data from sign-up to all set-up sessions, while all members of the platform have access to data retrieval. In its several years of operation, there have been no data breaches reported, as its local engineers are continually upgrading its system to ensure limited risk of a cyber-attacks.

Secure hosting of each session may also be streamed to multiple online and social networks simultaneously improving reach and access for a variety of South Africans who connect via smartphone, laptop, tablet or even Instagram.

The sign-up takes less than two minutes, and is available in a free-format with limited capabilities while more affordable subscription packages are available including Basic (R180 p/m), Premium (R264 p/m) and customised packages based on specific needs.

while the platform is free, a premium version is available for under R15 per month which provides access to unique benefits including unlimited meeting durations.

“It’s about bringing our product to the people of Africa, not only to enhance our everyday life’s, but to highlight the talent and potential our continent has in creating innovative services that work. GLUEvp remains committed to unlocking opportunities that give our locals the chance to make Africa a world leader in technological infrastructure.” Concludes Chinomona.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Incubator, with GLUEvp and others within the hub are putting Africa and its innovative technology on the map.

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